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Gmail: The World Wide Email Service

Gmail is one of the best email services for professional and personal usages. Whether you are trying to contact someone who is far from you or you are trying to send any personal or professional photo, videos or data, only Gmail can make it possible. Now, it is upgraded with emoticon features through which you can easily send your emotion with the attachments. Not only this, Gmail is known for its quick sending service through which you can easily send emails or attachment immediately. If you want to know more about the Gmail then contact Gmail UK for complete guidance.

Gmail not only helps you to communicate with your colleagues, friends, and business but it also supports you to surf the web to register the blog comment or subscribing to newsletter as well as shop on the internet. There are many free email services but one of the best is Gmail because it has various option included when you sign up compared to its competitors.

Apart from its performance and features, it sometimes gets you stuck with some common errors. Here are the lists of those issues which are commonly faced by Gmail users.

Common Gmail Errors and Resolution

Gmail is not signing in :

• If this issue is prompted then it is advisable to
• Check your internet connection and then switch it to the strongest one
• Also, make sure that you have entered correct email address and password
• Change your browser and switch it to the trusted one

Gmail is not opening on Firefox :

• If you are not able to open Gmail on Mozilla Firefox then, clear the cache and cookies. For that,
• First, launch the Mozilla Firefox and then enter about preferences in the URL tab
• Then, click on Enter to view the settings page
• After that, select Privacy and setting option
• Now, scroll down and find the cookies and setting option
• Thereafter, select clear all data option to get the cookies completely removed

Recovery of Gmail Forgotten Password :

Sometimes, it might happen that you forget your Gmail password. In that case, you will be unable to access your Gmail account. To get it recovered:

• First, open your Gmail page and then click on the Forgot Password link
• Enter either the email address or the username of Gmail account
• Then an email link will be sent to your secondary email or your registered mobile number
• Click on the URL provided in the email (for email), enter the code that you received on your number (for mobile number)
• Now, enter a new password that should be strong
• To complete the process, sign in again with the new password and back to your work

Change phone number from Gmail Account :

• Open you Gmail on the trusted browser and then sign in to your account
• Select your account photo if you haven’t a photo then it is the first letter of your name
• Select the Google Account and then select Personal info
• After that, go to the Contact info section and then select Phone
• On the appeared screen, go to your Google account phone number and select Edit
• Enter your Google account password and then select Next
• After that, select Edit and then select Update Number
• Now, enter the new phone number and then choose Select to finish the process.

These are the list of some common errors. If in case, you are still having trouble or receiving an error code then contact Gmail Help Number UK for instant assistance. The teams are available 24x7 to help you.