Easy ways to keep your Gmail account protected

Posted on : 15 April, 2019

Email is one mode of communication that is also used for fulfilling the professional needs of communications and is not just used at the personal level. There are many services that are working in this field of Email exchange but out of all Gmail is the service that is the most popular and holds the largest of the entire subscriber base that is using Email.

Gmail is the most popular Email service and holding the largest number of subscribers often gets overloaded and thus gets into a lot of technical faults. The user can easily get these technical faults resolved by the help of the trained technicians they can be reached at Gmail support number UK.

Here we will focus on the ways through which a Gmail user can keep his or her Gmail account well protected and away from the reach of the notorious hackers.

A hacker is a person that gets into your Gmail account using illegal procedures and misuses your account posing as you. Protecting Gmail accounts from such unwanted elements is necessary because a Gmail account set up involves a lot of personal private information that a user won’t like to share with everyone. Also, Gmail helps the users with their data back up and if in case the Gmail account gets hacked then the data of the user also goes on risk. At the same time, a Gmail account is not just limited to the exchange of emails the same Gmail ID is also used for the set up of other communication-related applications, therefore, a hacked Gmail account would further lead to hacked applications.

In order to keep the Gmail account protected from all types of Hackers, the user can do the following –
1- Share limited personal information- Every time you will create an account on some application by using your Google account verification then that account will ask you to share your personal information such as your contact list and a lot more but the choice will be yours if you wish to share it or not.
2- Change passwords frequently – It is advisable that you keep changing passwords of your Gmail as well as your other social accounts frequently in order to prevent password leakage.
3- Strong password creation – It is advisable that you do not use just one password for all your accounts as it will then be very easy for the user to get through your accounts. You should come up with a new strong password for every social account as well as the Gmail account.
4- 2 Step verification – If your work process is such due to which you log in your Gmail with many public systems then this verification process is strongly recommended once you will sign up for this you will then be asked for a verification code every time when you will log in your Gmail account on some new public computer.

If you are facing any other problem with the workings of your Gmail account and you are unable to get a fix for that then ask help from the experts at Gmail Contact number UK.