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Advanced Features for which You should Choose Only Gmail

Everyone have a Gmail account, so it is obvious that for keeping people tuned, Google rolls out different interesting features. Many of these features will be familiar to users, but some seem completely new. However, you can only enjoy its new services, once you have opted for the new Gmail layout. Have a look at the amazing features of Gmail which has been mentioned below:

Smart Reply:

If you have previously used Gmail application, you must have recognized the Smart Reply feature which will suggest you quick answers that you can send back just by clicking on them. It can save you much time when it is about replying a mail for confirming meeting time or just acknowledging it.


Sometimes, we forget to reply to emails, but the latest feature in Gmail will be a great support in this matter. Nudge feature keeps on reminding you for following up and responding to messages you haven’t replied to. This feature is really amazing and you will surely recommend it to others as well.

Stop useless emails:

This is really annoying when you get unwanted information or newsletter in your account. Keeping this in mind, Google has released a new Assistive Unsubscribe tool that is able to grasp which emails you check regularly and the other you pay no attention to. Based on your daily activities, this amazing feature will suggest you unsubscribe those emails which are of no use for you.

Warning about certain risks:

The latest design of Gmail has come up with a security concerned feature which can warn you about distinct risks. It lets you know about harmful emails which have been sent to you. You will receive a warning message saying “This message seems dangerous” and offered with a ‘Delete Now’ button. It will be a great help so that you won’t click any malicious link by mistake.

Confidential Mode:

This is said that emailing is not as secure as people think, so one can’t rely on their email client while sending any confidential information. Gmail’s Confidential Mode is recognized as the best key to your problems which enables sending self-destructing emails. This feature allows you to choose the date and time by which you want that confidential information to be disappeared. Moreover, messages sent in the confidential mode can’t be forwarded, copied or downloaded by anyone. Plus, the addition of password for opening that particular mail can keep you far from the risk.

Attachments in Just clicks:

There are a plethora of features that have been introduced by Google. These features beneficially save your time by just displaying the attachments inline so that you can open them without you open the mail. It is a really appreciable thing that can open your attachments which are most useful. Whether it is Microsoft Word document, PDF or photos, you will see them beneath the email. You just have to click on the file name and then you can preview the attachment opening the email itself.

Snooze, Delete Mails in seconds:

Gmail has stepped for the betterment and now you can “snooze” your emails and make them disappear for the time period you want. You just have to choose the Snooze option and get them redelivered to you at a suitable date or time when you want to reply to it. Not only this, but you can also Archive or Delete a particular mail, you just have to hover your mouse over that email and click to manage the emails you want to.

Some Gmail Technical Issues with their Explanations

The issues mentioned below are some of the main troubles which any Gmail user can face. Look at them and get the best resolution in order to fix them.

Issues with Gmail Deliverability:

This is a known thing that the Gmail user has been given with an advantage that the server will provide you with. You will be provided with a Bounce-back email so that when the email you have sent is not delivered; you will be informed about it. Sometimes, the server won’t provide such information and this will become a great issue affront you.

When Your Gmail Work Slow:

There might be a time when your Gmail account starts to perform slower than usual. And when this happens, there could be as many reasons behind it. You should focus on fixing such reasons and boosting the performance thereon. This is also possible that the storage is full and there is not enough space to load more emails. So, free up space and fix this issue within no time.

Gmail won’t Load/ Open:

Out of many issues, if you are a Gmail user, you will incur so many errors which can only be fixed once you follow the correct steps. This might be possible that your Gmail account won’t load and the server seems down. In this case, you should ensure that you must use your Gmail without any extensions and open Gmail in your incognito mode. After that, you need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies as well. Now, try to see if the issues have resolved or not and open Gmail again.

Gmail Login Problems:

Login issues are so frequent that any Gmail user has gone frustrate due to it. Sometimes, login problems arrive due to incorrect username/password while other times, they are due to internet connectivity issues. You should always input the correct username and password. It is also important to check incoming server settings and do check the browser problems as well. This will probably resolve your issues for sure.

The list of issues won’t end here only; there are so many issues which can trouble you at a distinct period of time. But, it is quite tough to mention all the issues here. And for all the complicated ones, you will need an active support system, which you find at Gmail Contact Number UK and fix your issues right away.

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