How Can I Retrieve Deleted Gmail Emails?

Posted on : 04 April, 2019

Imagine you have received an important email from your business partner or boss, but when you look for it in your inbox you couldn’t find it anywhere, what will you do? This situation can arise with any Gmail user. Mostly, such situation takes place when your try to declutter you inbox and by mistake delete an important email. If such a situation arises, do not get panic as there are ways through which you can recover deleted mails. You can either follow the given solutions one by one to resolve this issue or you can consult our experts at Gmail Contact Number UK.

Solution 1: Find Your Deleted Email in Trash Folder

If you have deleted an email then it is more likely to be in Trash Folder. A deleted email remains in the Trash folder till 30 days after that Gmail will automatically delete these emails.

• First, find and open your Gmail Trash folder.
• You may be able to see your deleted email immediately after opening the Trash folder.
• If you didn’t, then use the search bar to look for the deleted email. You can use the Advanced dialog box to search for a specific email.
• If the search parameter is appropriate you will find your email, and if more email meets the search criteria, you will see multiple results.
• If you have found the email, then click its checkbox and click Move to Inbox button to move the email into your inbox.

Solution 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Emails

If you can’t find the email in the inbox, then it means it is permanently deleted. You can still recover such email. Gather as much as information as you can about the missing email and then contact our customer care executives on Gmail Help Desk Number UK. These technicians can help you retrieve the missing emails.

Solution 3: Access Archived Emails

You can avoid losing emails permanently by using the archived feature of Gmail. Don’t delete your emails, instead, archived them. These emails don’t get automatically deleted after 30 days, and they are easy to restore. If you are concerned that Archived emails will fill up your Gmail storage space then don’t you can expand the 15GB storage further. You can find Archived emails in All Mails option. In all mails, you can even see archived emails. Once you have found your missing email, move it in your inbox as you did in Trash emails.

Solution 4: Spam Folder

It is possible that you have received your email in the spam folder. Check the spam folder and if your email lies there then move it in your inbox.