How Can You Save Your Gmail Account for Hackers?

Posted on : 25 February, 2019

Gmail is not just an HTML based webmail service, it has covered many different Google services like Google Drive, Calendar and YouTube. We use our Gmail ID and password to log in many other Google services thus, it becomes necessary to take measures that will save your account from hacker’s attack. But what if you have already become a victim of cyber-attack and your Gmail account is already compromised. In that case, you can connect with experts on Gmail Helpline Number UK, the guys present here will provide you complete support and will surely help you in regaining access to your account.

1. Limit the App Usage: Do not share your Gmail credential on every second website, especially with the one you are not aware of. If you sign up the app with Gmail authorization, you are giving the app to collect your personal information which they can use to harm your security. This is time to revoke your access from the apps that are no longer in use or that you find suspicious.

2. Change Your Password: Google Security experts suggest you to always keep a strong password. It is also suggested that you should frequently change your password so that it becomes hard for hackers to guess it. Make sure that you don’t share your password with anyone like you never shares your ATM pin.

3. Setup Two-Step Verification: It is an added security for your account. When you set up two-step authentication, you get a unique code on your mobile through SMS, Google’s mobile app or voice call which is required to log in to your Gmail account.

4. Update Your Gmail Settings: Setting tab can be accessed from the top-right corner of the screen on Gmail. Make sure that the email address under the “send mail as” is the one that you own. Also, ensure that you are using Gmail in Https. This is also an added layer of protection to your account. Last but not least, check that your email isn’t being forwarded to an unknown person.

These are the general things you should follow, apart from this, you should never open an email from an unknown source and if you do then do not click on the link or attachments present in such emails. If you need any further information then call us at Gmail Contact Number UK. We will answer all your questions so that you can have a safe and secure email account.