How to Block a Contact on Gmail?

Posted on : 14 March, 2019

Sometimes we feel irritated with some people because of their irritating and mischievous activities. Now you do not have to get bothered by these people as you have the option of blocking them. Here is a quick guide to tell you how you can block you Gmail contact within just a few seconds. If you want then you can take help for the same from experts on Gmail Contact Number UK. We are going to suggest two different processes for the same. Let us have a look:

Procedure 1:

• Login to your Gmail account.
• Open the email from the sender whom you want to block. If you can’t find the email then search with his name or email ID through the search box.
• Then press the down arrow which is at the far right corner of the sender’s name.
• Now click “Block from the dropdown menu.
• When the confirmation dialog box appears, click “Block” again.

This is the easiest way to stop receiving emails from a certain person or organization. You can block a company’s email address, your ex-boyfriend, mischievous friend or anyone who is troubling you.

Procedure 2:

Here is one more method to block a sender on Gmail. This method works only if you are using Google Chrome.
• Add the Block Sender for Gmail extension from the Google Chrome web store.
• When you are on Gmail, open any message from the sender that you want to block and there you will see a new block button.
• As you press the block button, you create a new Gmail filter that blocks the sender.
• You will see a confirmation message that will allow you to undo or block.

After performing the above steps, whenever that same sender sends you any email, it will directly land into a trash folder. Instead of using the Google extension, you can also manually set up the spam filter. For this, click on the dropdown triangle in the Gmail search field and then type your desired email address under from. Then click “Create filter with this search” and check “Delete it” button under “when a message arrives that matches this search”. Lastly, click “Create Filter”. That’s it you are done! If you need further assistance on the matter then dial Gmail Help Number UK. We will surely help you.