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How to conduct set up on a cell phone for using Gmail?

Posted on : 06 July, 2019

Gmail becomes one of the most complimentary, ubiquitous and marvelous web-based email clients in the world. With its IMAP and POP3 protocols, you can easily access your inbox through almost every desktop email client available besides to its normal access via standard methods based on the web. When you purchase a new android phone or iPhone one of the first things you do is to add your Gmail Account. Creating an account on Gmail is very simple and you can avail the advantages of Gmail from your phone very easily.

In this post, we will discuss the step by step tips to Conduct Set-up on a Cell Phone for Using Gmail :

Before starting the step by step points let’s have a look at the facts for cell phones. As there are so many differences between Android and iOS and an array of manufacturer variations, so it is not understood where you have to go for adding your Gmail account. That is why we bring simple and easy step by step guide for the process of Gmail Set Up on phone.

Setup Gmail Account in iPhone:

Before going anywhere else, make sure that you have enabled IMAP in your Gmail settings.

• Open the Settings app on your device
• Tap on Mail, Contact, Calendars
• Click on Add Account
• Tap Gmail
• Enter your account information and make sure to use full Gmail address
• Then, click on Next
• In the end, tap Save

Setup a Gmail Account in Android:

Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings

• Press , on your phone and then open the Email application
• You will be redirected to ‘Your account’ page, select Next to get started with setup
• Enter your full Gmail address and password and then select on Next.
• On the next screen, you have to give the account a nickname and select the name to display on your outgoing messages and then click on done.

These are the few steps through which you can easily set up your Gmail account on phone without any technical guidance. But, if you still fail to do these steps or Gmail is troubling you then it is highly recommended to get the suggestion of experts at Gmail Support Number UK.