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How to enhance Gmail Productivity?

Posted on : 27 June, 2019

Before the discussion on Gmail Productivity, first, it is necessary to know that Gmail or Google Mail completes 13 years of service. Gmail has apprehended most of the world’s email network and exploited industry. Gmail became the first mobile app on the Google Play store to hit 1 billion installations on Android devices. You can create your account on Gmail and has easy access feature that makes it highly popular in the world. Gmail has a billion of hidden attractive and useful functionality that some actually use.

Gmail provides the best Customer Service Support from where you can get connected with Gmail experts with just a call, email, web pages, and live chats. Everything can get a fresh start again, comprising you also. A popular and effective resolution or goal for many people is to enhance their productivity which they want to quit wasting time.

In this blog, we will provide a few steps which help you to Enhance Gmail Productivity:

• Route all your Email to Gmail:
Almost all people juggle various email addresses these days. Some are accessed via Outlook, some via Gmail and some via Browser-based clients who are connected to website controls panels. As we all know, it is very convenient to forward all emails to your Gmail inbox. Gmail is a very string inbox and specifically managing a composite web of email addresses for both personal and business related.

• By using Labels:
If you are using email address then things can get out of hand and messy. Although most email programs have their own folders, Gmail has also labels that are slightly different. Labels also can be color-coded and display on each message in your inbox, so that it is easy for you to find important emails easily. Once you created a label, it will appear along with the folders available on the left of the inbox. You can easily create new labels, for that go to Settings, then Labels. You can also create a new label within each message. You can change the color by clicking on three little dots to the right of the label.’

• Move an Email to your Tasks list:
If an Email message necessitates an impartial amount of attention and time, you can add it to your Tasks List. Now, simply open the message and then go to ‘More’ icon available at the top. You can easily access your Notes, Tasks and Google Calendar from the available three icons that appear on the far right of the Gmail window.

• Use of Effective Spam Filter:
Basically, there are three types of Emails you received, Emails from people you know, Emails from people you don’t’ know and that might still be of value and the third one Emails from those you want nothing to do with. Managing an inbox with these Emails will be challenging. Luckily, there’s another alternative, BitBounce, it is an innovative spam solution which filters out unwanted spam and also gives the senders the opportunity to authenticate that they know you.

Well, these are the few steps through which Gmail Productivity can be easily enhanced. Also, you can utilize these steps for the same such as Quickly Find and Delete Large Attachments, Automatically Unsubscribed with Newsletters and Learning a few Keyboard Shortcuts. For the same solution, you can get connected with Gmail experts for proper guidance with just a call on Gmail Customer Support UK.