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How to resolve Gmail ‘Bad Request Error 404’

The almost whole population of the world is using Gmail as an email application for communication. Gmail has carved a reputed niche in the industry for providing excellent services to its users. The Gmail services provide its users to access the drive storage, cloud storage, and make the online files sharing easier. Every other important sharing has become more comfortable with its services. But sometimes, you get stuck with some common errors of Gmail. One of them is 'Gmail Login' error. This error may occur when you are already signed into multiple Google account for Gmail using Chrome. Then, it might be possible that you have encountered the ‘Bad Request Error 404’ error. It is so irritating and fuzzy that most of the users are helpless on how to troubleshoot it.

Well, in this blog, we will provide an effective solution for this error so that you can start work smoothly in the shortest time frame. If you want to troubleshoot it as soon as possible then, it is advisable to attempt it carefully.

Resolution and causes of the Bad Request Error 404 :

This error code commonly happens when ‘Gmail imp’ files are stored in the cookies that create glitches. In that case, it is recommended to delete all those files and cookies that are stored in the browser. In that case :

• Delete the ‘Gmail imp’ files. For that, right-click on your screen and after that choose ‘inspector element.’
• Then, select the ‘resources’ tab that will appear at the top of the windows of developer tools
• Now, click on ‘cookies’ arrow that is available on the left side of the screen and then expand the section
• Now, click on the ‘’ cookies
• Right-click on the ‘Gmail imp’ and after that chooses the option ‘delete.’
• Then, close the developer window and refresh the page
• Go to ‘Setting’ page of the Chrome and delete all the cookies that are associated with your browser.
• After that, choose the option ‘Show advanced settings.’
• Now, go to the Privacy’ section to select ‘Content Settings’
• Then, go to the ‘Cookies’ section and then open al the cookies files.
• Delete all cookies associated with the application and then refresh the page
• In the end, you will be logged out of every account

Well, this troubleshooting method is the easiest and convenient. But sometimes, it is not the all to do for the same error. It also may happen due to some other issues. In that case, it is recommended to get connected with the Gmail UK Contact for the exact resolution. The technical team will help you to resolve the problem in the shortest time.