Overview of Create Gmail Account, Adding Gmail Contacts and Managing Gmail SMTP Settings

Apart from sending files, videos, images, and sheets, Gmail also comes with outstanding features that keep your data safe and secure. To gain all the benefits along with sending your data and files, personally or professionally, you must have a Gmail account. In this post, we will focus on the methods of creating Gmail account, adding Gmail contacts and some effective methods to manage Gmail SMTP settings. We will discuss each point step by step. Read this post carefully to get a flawless and excellent Gmail experience.

Let’s have a look at How to 'Create Gmail Account'

Well, it is very simple to create an account on Gmail. For that you just have to follow these steps:
• First, go to www.gmail.com
• Then, you will find an option Create an account. Click on it
• After that, you will see the sign-up form
• Then, enter your phone number to the required field to verify the account as Google uses the two-step verification process for security purpose
• Now, you will get a text message from Google along with verification code. Enter that code to finish the account verification
• After that, you will see a form in which you have to enter some of your personal information such as your name, birthday, gender and more
• Now, review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and then click on I agree
• Now, you have successfully created your account on Gmail

When you create an account, then you will be able to start adding contacts and managing Gmail SMTP. Also, you can now adjust your mail settings.

Now, let’s talk about the Add 'Gmail Contacts' procedure. Well, this is also easy to go step through which you can easily add contacts to your Gmail. For that, follow the below steps:

For Web:
• Launch your browser
• Go to the Contact Website of Google
• Sign in to your Google account
• Click the Create contact option that appears on the sidebar to the left side of the page
• Fill the contact details and then,
• Click on Save

For Android:
• Launch the Contacts app
• Then, tap the “+” button that appears at the bottom right corner of the app
• Fill out the details of contact which you want to be included
• Additional input fields can be accessed by tapping More Fields
• Now, tap on Save when you are done

Now, we will provide some amazing knowledge through which you can easily figure out that How to Manage 'Gmail SMTP Settings' for sending emails:

• You can easily connect to the Gmail mail server through SMTP, TLS/SSL. If you are choosing SMTP for connecting the server then you can only send the mail to Gmail or G Suite users.
• Select the ‘Account Settings’ in your mail client, commonly in the ‘Tools’ menu
• Now, select the ‘outgoing server (SMTP)’ voice
• Press the ‘Add’ button to set a new SMTP. Then, a pop window will appear

After that follow the instructions as mentioned:

Description: a familiar name which you will choose to identify the server (it is suggested to choose the email provider’s, such as Yahoo and Gmail) Server Name: the appropriate SMTP server’s specification. You can get it either from the web page of your provider or through searching for it on our list of server SMTP or POP.

Port: Commonly SMTP works with the port 25 but it can also work with 587.

Connection Security: In itself, SMTP email transfer doesn’t give encryption. Therefore, if you want to keep your connection secure that it is an excellent choice to use an SSL/TLS or STARTTLS extension that uses a different port for encrypted communication.

Authentication method: there are a certain number of steps (such as CRAM-MD5, passwords, KERBEROS and many more)

User Name: enter your email address

Through this process, you can easily configure Gmail SMTP settings. And, if you are facing any trouble while conducting these procedures then, it is advisable to get connected with the technical experts. You can reach the experts at any time as they are available 24x7 to help you in any manner.