Reasons why Gmail is the most popular webmail service

Posted on : 12 June, 2019

Gmail webmail service came into the market after Yahoo and still over the years this webmail service was seen breaking all the user base records right from the beginning. The secret to this record-breaking popularity lies in the various advanced updated features that Gmail service offers the users with. We can say that the set of features is the reason for the popularity of the Gmail webmail service.

Therefore here we will discuss the features of Gmail that make the service popular among the users –

• Easy user interface - The webmail service comes with a very easy to use and easy to understand user interface. This makes the service fast for the users as compared to other setups.

• The mobile version – Gmail is one webmail service that comes with a mobile compatible version of itself. This makes the access of the Emails easy for the users even if there is no laptop or system around the user.

• Tablet compatible - Not just with the mobiles the Gmail application version is also well compatible with tablets and I pads and thus it has become the favorite webmail service of those who love using I pads or tablets.

• Spam filter - The users can now easily mark unwanted Emails as spam and can thus ignore them.

• Google voice - This feature allows users to make calls all over the world. This feature also keeps the Gmail account protected through the user’s contact number.

• Fund transfer - The advanced Gmail set up also allows the users to exchange money and the transaction is always safe and secure.

• Important emails identification - The updated version of Gmail also allows the users to keep a mark on those Emails which are important out of bulk Emails that a user receives on a daily basis.

Another feature that makes Gmail popular among people is the customer friendly technical staff sitting at Gmail support number UK. In case of any technical glitch by the help of the experts, it becomes easy for the customers to work smoothly on their Gmail account.