Some Secretive Gmail Features

20th centaury is the age of computers and the internet, and an internet connection is incomplete without an Email service providing client being attached to it. That is where Gmail comes into light. This is the best out of the services that the IT sector has in the loop for the Email exchange purpose.

Gmail is the most popular out of all the Email services that are known in the market it is so as it has a lot of features and new and updated technologies associated with itself and that makes Gmail more user-friendly as compared to other Email services. Also, the users can easily connect with the team of trained Gmail experts at Gmail Help Number UK for easy resolutions to all the issues and errors associated with the service.

As Gmail has a hell lot of features to offer to its users therefore at times the users miss out on the information about some of its very useful features here, we will discuss some such features that a common Gmail user fails to figure out on his own.

• Avoiding spam capabilities – This particular feature gives you a smooth option of putting some extra characters to your Email address if some random online service demands for your Email address. This way you can get a filter created for your inbox as the online service will then be sending unwanted Emails to some other wrong Email ID and your inbox will not be spammed.

• Easy management of Email subscriptions - The user can now easily get his Email subscriptions managed by the help of the “+” icon added to the design of Gmail.

• Contacts synced - In the new Gmail set up it is also very easy to get all the contacts synced with Gmail. This feature provides the user with a facility of creating a secure back up for all the contacts stored in the phone.

• Contact restore – Deleting a contact from the phone will automatically get it deleted from the Gmail but with this restore feature the contact can still be recovered within the time period of 30 days.

• Labs - under this feature, the user can easily get a preview pane enabled. Using this pane the chat can be shifted from left to right.

• Contacts Merge - Under this feature, the user can easily search and merge all the duplicate contacts.

• Calendar feature - Now a user can easily get an event saved on the Gmail calendar and can also set reminders on that calendar. The user can also share the calendar with his friends as and when needed.

If you still need more details or if your Gmail account has got you stuck into any problem, then you should get connected with the team of experts at Gmail Support.