What should I do to secure Gmail Account?

Gmail is the world-wide email service used for personal and business purpose. Not only official mail but sometimes you also used to send individual and sensitive information that might be trapped with the hackers. In that case, it is your first job to keep your Gmail account safe and secure. Well, Google offers you amazing services that keep your private and sensitive data secure against hackers. Google already has taken several steps and measures to maintain the data safely at the server end. But for the complete surety, it is your responsibility to make your account safe and secure.

In this blog post, we will provide some effective methods through which you can Secure Gmail Account :

To make your Gmail account secure, you should go through the first and most crucial step that is Google Security Checkup. When you visit this tool, then a page will open with this Get Started option that is appeared just below to the Security Checkup. Once you log in, you will see five different options which help you to secure your Google Account.

The first option will ask your recovery mail and phone number. Once you enter your phone number, then it will ask to verify it. After that, Google will send a verification code on your registered phone number which you have entered. Just enter that code in the required field and then follow the do the same for the email and click on ‘Done.’ By enabling the phone number for the Gmail account, makes it secure. When there is any suspicious activity linked to your account, then Google will alert you on your phone number.

Then, through the second option you can get the details of any recent event that is associated with your Google Security. This option is a Recent Security Event Check. Through this option, you can easily make sure if there is any apprehensive activity with your Google Account. If you find that there is any suspicious activity is going on, then, click on Something Looks Wrong. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to go ahead.

The third one is Connected Device Check through which you can get the details of all devices that are connected to your Google Account. You can quickly check if there is an unauthorized device connected to your account and easily remove them. This option also provides you the same facility as the second. If you found any suspicious activity, then, click on the Something Looks/Went Wrong and then go ahead with On-Screen instruction. By clicking on the Looks Good, you will move to the next option, Account Permission Check.

This option will provide you the information on the websites and apps that have the allowance to access your Gmail Account. You can easily see all the websites and apps which you have access to date using your current Google Account. If you find any app that is not useful for you, then you can easily remove that.

The last and most important option is the 2-Step Verification Check. After completing all four steps, you can move and effective 2-Step Verification procedure. It will provide more security to your account and makes it a trick-proof by asking you the security code every time you log in to your account. It will ask you to enter your account password with the help of the security code that is sent to the registered mobile number once you enter the password correctly.

Therefore, these are some practical ways through which you can quickly secure your Gmail account. These are the best way to keep your account secure from hackers. But sometimes, you may get stuck while doing these steps with some error. In such cases, it is recommended to get connected with the experts at the Gmail Help Number UK. The technical teams are always available to help you in resolving the problem.