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Why one should prefer Gmail over Yahoo?

Posted on : 17 June, 2019

Gmail is a free Email service that is developed by Google. It allows the user to send messages instantly to their contacts that are online conveniently and easily. On the other hand, Yahoo is an internet portal that has a search engine and directory of World Wide Web and is developed in a hierarchy of topic categories.

Gmail reflects is in the use of attachments as you ate able to quickly and conveniently add up as many attachments as per requirement. But, yahoo mail asks you to go to a separate screen to add attachments and also you can only add 5 without being required to add more boxes. So, Gmail is the best choice for you and for sign in issues or privacy-related information you can get in touch with experts at Gmail Support UK.

So, here we will go facts and features that make you easy to choose the best one, that is, of course 'Gmail'

• Size of attachment files: Gmail allows for a bigger attachments size than yahoo. As yahoo mail only allows the attachments up to 10mb on its free version. And, Gmail allows up-to 20mb. Hence, if you want to send a large attachment of school, college or office, on your E-mail then, Gmail will be the best choice.

• Brand Impact: Gmail is considered the more 'professional' of e-mail services. People trust that Gmail is the more trustworthy of the two E-mail services and due to which Gmail is a winner in professional reliability.

• Easy to use: Gmail can be easily accessible that is very essential for people who have experience with e-mail and for those who are just beginners into the digital world.

• Strong security of files: Gmail keep important files and data securely in a safe place. Therefore, your data will be safe from hackers and no one can misuse your important data.

• Online access on any device and anywhere: one most important thing that it can be accessed anywhere there is internet access. One can send important files, attachment and simple mail from his/her mobile.

So the winner is Gmail as it can also be synced with MS Outlook, Android, iPhone and Blackberry which are extensively used by business professionals. Apart from this, if you need to understand more about Gmail you can contact Gmail Helpline UK.